27 mars 2016

For Easter, go egg-hunting in Shanghai!

Version Française  If you get a chance to visit a Chinese Market in Shanghai or the rest of China, you probably notice that in addition to raw eggs, another variety will be on sale: the “One Century Eggs”, also called “pidan”   This sort of preserved egg has nothing in common with the fertilized duck eggs that one finds in the Philippines (“ballut” in Philippino) or in Vietnam. It is actually more often used as a condiment than a single dish. There is no reason to fear this kind of egg: it contains nothing that can... [Lire la suite]
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09 mars 2016

Destructions along Suzhou River

Version Française There are moments one would never like to experience. To stroll along ravaged Shanghai lilongs is definitely one of them. For some three years now, the lilongs situated along the Suzhou River or near the Huangpu are actually regularly destroyed (read my article "Goodbye Old Shanghai"). When looking at half torn down walls or missing glass windows, one cannot help rememberping some happier moments enjoyed there. There used to be entire families living in those houses not long ago (read my article about sunny lilongs... [Lire la suite]
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27 mars 2016

Food market

Version Française Visiting a Chinese market (“caichang” in Chinese) is quite an adventure. The sheer variety of products, colours, flavours and sounds make this escapade feel like a voyage deep into Chinese Culture.   Chinese markets are often split into two different parts: meat on the first floor and vegetables on the second. In each of these spaces, the living show of buyers and sellers make it so interesting for Westerners, who are more used to the American style supermarkets. The first source of surprise comes from the... [Lire la suite]
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22 mars 2016

Quel Shanghai pour demain?

Je voudrais partager avec vous une semi-bonne nouvelle. Je n'arrête en effet pas de rapporter des destructions de vieux quartiers historiques (voir mon article Destructions le long de Suzhou Creek ou Goodbye Old Shanghai). Pourtant cette semaine, ce que j'ai vu m'a (un peu) rassuré. Au croisement de Maoming North Road et de Weihai Road depuis maintenant 4 ans, ce n'est que destructions. À côté de la station de la ligne 12, le nouveau quartier a pourtant commencé à voir le jour. C'est on le voit comme dans beaucoup de villes de... [Lire la suite]
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08 mars 2016

Destructions le long de Suzhou Creek

English version Il est des moments que l'on aimerait éviter. Parcourir les nombreux lilongs en destruction depuis maintenant trois ans le long de la Riviere Suzhou et le Huangpu en font partie (Lire mon article "Goodbye old Shanghai"). Passée la stupeur à la vue des murs pantelants et des fenêtres aveugles, on se souvient d'autres images, heureuses celles-ci, de familles entières vivant il y a peu dans ces lieux (lire "Au soleil dans les lilongs" et écouter mon interview sur radio France Chine). Hier encore des enfants courraient... [Lire la suite]
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