25 mai 2016

Mickey in Shanghai

Version Française As I was flipping again in Peter Hibbard's excellent book about the Bund, my attention was caught by one of Victor Sassoon's love stories. The one with Emily Hahn, a most fascinating character! American journalist and adventuress, considered by many as the first American feminist, Emily Hahn, whose friends and family knock named "Mickey", arrived in Shanghai in 1935. Emily left the United States a couple of years earlier for Africa when she extensively commented Belgian Congo pygmies. The first women... [Lire la suite]

25 mai 2016

From Shanghai to Normandy D-Day: W.E.Fairbairn

 Version Française Among the outstanding characters who lived in Shanghai in the 1930’s was undoubtedly William Ewart Fairbairn. Being a member of the Shanghai Municipal Police, for 30 years, Fairbairn got himself involved into hundreds of street fights, most of them implying use of knifes. At the end of his carreer, Fairbairn’s body was covered with all kind of scars, even on hand palms. Knick-named “Fearless Dan” or the “Shanghai Buster”, W.E. Fairbairn arrived in Shanghai in 1907 to join the Police force. When on duty, he... [Lire la suite]
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25 mai 2016

"Mickey" à Shanghai

English version Récemment, en relisant le superbe livre sur le Bund de Peter Hibbard, mon attention a été retenue par la référence à l'une des liaisons de Sir Victor Sassoon. Celle avec Emilie Hahn (ci-contre), un personnage tout aussi fascinant que lui. Emilie Hahn est une journaliste américaine qui arrive à Shanghai en 1935. Surnommée "Mickey" par ses amis et sa famile, elle se déplace souvent en compagnie de Mr Mills, un petit singe gibbon. Véritable incarnation de la femme libre, "Mickey" a quitté les États Unis par ennui,... [Lire la suite]