28 janvier 2014

Good bye Old Shanghai!

Version Française As China is going to start the Year of the Horse, I want to appologize to post this less enthousiatic article about the city heritage. I hope the efforts untertaken by the city to preserve its culture and architecture legacy will go on in 2014. Happy New Year to everyone. 新年快乐!   The famous poet Aimé Césaire once said: "A people without memory is a people without future". Hearing this, what should we think when we see entire quarters of the Old Shanghai being torn down by bulldozers? Today almost 80% of... [Lire la suite]

27 janvier 2014

Good bye Old Shanghai!

English version Alors que la Chine s'apprete à célébrer l'Année du Cheval, je m'excuse par avance de poster un article moins optimiste qu'à l'habitude. Malgré le constat mitigé que je fais ici, j'espère que se poursuivra les efforts entrepris par la ville de préservation de la culture shanghaienne . Je vous souhaite à tous une excellente année du Cheval sous le signe de l'espoir! 新年快乐! Aimé Césaire disait «Un peuple sans mémoire est un peuple sans avenir». Que penser alors quand on voit des pans entiers du Vieux Shanghai... [Lire la suite]
25 septembre 2013

Qingdao from myth to reality.

Version Française When it comes to China, there are many stereotypes going on about its cities. For instance “Wuhan temperatures are just unbearable”, “Shanghai is such an unhuman city” or “Qingdao is full of seaweeds and facekinis”. I was recently given the opportunity to visit Qingdao and I am happy to declare it one of the most charming and lovely places in China.               Residence of former German Governor                      ... [Lire la suite]
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