24 février 2014

Heritage swimming pools in Shanghai

Looking for a place to swim last summer, I got into the idea of looking for old swimming pools in Shanghai as a habit from my time back in Paris. Actually there were a few swimming pools in Shanghai during the 30’s, most of them related to foreign clubs.    The longest in town The longest swimming pool could be found inside the Cercle Sportif Français on Rue du Cardinal Mercier (today Maoming Road). A 54 meters long swimming pool covered by white and blue tiles and overlooked by a bar (left photo). Indoor swimming... [Lire la suite]

11 décembre 2013

German Shanghai

 Article en Français I recently posted an article about Qingdao, well-known for its German architecture (and beer) heritage. However few people know that Shanghai also had its German time when German influence was competing with the French and the British. Following the second Opium War, in the 1860’s, many German traders settled in Shanghai. They soon became very successful and at the turn of the century, the German Empire economic power was even prevailing on the British. German businessmen were indeed considered very... [Lire la suite]
09 décembre 2013

Shanghai l'allemande

English version J’ai récemment écrit un article sur Qingdao, ville de Chine connue pour son héritage allemand. Mais peu de gens savent que Shanghai a aussi connu une période de forte influence allemande. En fait, il ėtait un temps où la skyline de Shanghai était tout aussi allemande que britannique ou française. Suivant la deuxième guerre de l’opium en 1860, de nombreux colons et hommes d’affaires allemands s’installent à Shanghai à tel point qu’au début du siècle, la présence commerciale allemande à Shanghai dépasse celle... [Lire la suite]